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So much new and time is too few

Wow, so much has happened in the past week I can hardly keep up. I feel like I am being pulled in about 1000 directions. Okay, so what else is new? Two big items this go-round. First, I got a job! The weekend after I made my portfolio I got an interview with a company here in Des Moines. They interviewed me Monday morning and Monday night offered me the job. I slept and prayed on that night and accepted in the morning. My first day was on Friday. So who do I work for??? Trans-Lux Fair-Play. The Fair-Play name is fairly well known as they have been making scoreboards for over 70 years. In fact check out who makes your local high school, college or pro scoreboard and it is probably them.

My official title is Media Specialist. I am in charge of 2 corporate web sites. and The one with the long name will be getting a major face lift soon. I also will be doing graphic design for their print media, creating animations for scoreboards (you know, those cheesy baseball characters and huge letters...), and training customers on how to use the software to program the scoreboards. Wow, I am tired just thinking about it all. But it is exactly what I have been looking for. God is good and His timing is always perfect. You'd think I would learn, but noooooo.

Right now after 3 days I am trying to keep my head above water and get familiar with a lot of new stuff but I am really enjoying it. I'll post some pictures of my cubicle soon because I know you all are dying to see it.

The next big item is...(if I knew anything about writing and marketing these articles would be separate but I don't.) so here goes.

Mickie and I officially joined Saylorville Baptist's church plant in Polk City a couple weeks ago. Our church voted a few months ago to plant a new church and the location that was decided on was Polk City. We held our very first service on Sunday morning in the loft of a garage. It was cozy and a great atmosphere. We had over 40 people and 8 visitors from the community! Awesome! I had the opportunity to lead the music which went well. I have put up a small website for the church plant at where you can find out more.

Pray for us as we embark on this awesome journey!

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