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Guess the Google

Now introducing the best time waster of the day!!! Like I need any more... I came across this site from anothe site which is how things like this happen. I get into a surfing zone and before I know it I have surfed farther than man has known to surf and inevitably I come across a wacky site that is really cool. That is the case here.

The site in question poses an interesting question. Where did these images come from? The challenge is to look at 20 images from Google and figure out which keyword was used to get them. It's pretty addicting but please don't blame me for your lack of work. I'm just the messenger. Have Fun!

Guess the Google

...and just in case that didn't waste enough of your time here is another site that will have you in a trance in about 30 seconds...just move your mouse and click.

Really Wacky but Stragely Cool

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