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Choose Your Own Blog

Today I am going to revisit an old blogging game we played awhile ago. In the spirit of "choose your adventure" this blog post will allow you to choose your own flow for today's story. Have fun!

It has been a little [crazy] [calmer] around here with Mickie gone the past few days. She went to [Lincoln, NE] [Maui, HI], [South Bend, IN] for a 2 day class on [fetal monitoring] [growing sugar cane] [being Irish]. Mia and I have had fun although [I haven't gotten much work done], [she backed the car into the garage door]. One of the highlights of our couple days has been [finding a live skunk in the neighbors window well], [going to McDonalds].

Random Uber Shot

Mickie gets home tonight and [the house had better be clean], [there had better be some oreos left]. We just tried the new mint oreos and they are [really good - they taste like Thin Mints], [the worst cookie creation ever], [jive].

That is about it for today's [fun], [silly antics]. If there are mispellings I am sure dad will [let me know], [have an ulcer], [make a joke/pun about ulcers and mispellings...]

Here is today's fun link. Turn any photo into a wacky poloroid with caption!

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