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Bye Bye Miss American Princess

I hate it when I miss really funny and new stuff Mia does. There are always pro's and con's to working from home, but one of the awesome opportunities I have had is to have been at home for most of her life. Being away at a "real" job is probably the hardest thing about it. My time with her and Mickie is cut down drastically. But enough whining... Today at Wendy's Mia decided that everyone in the place needed to be told "bye." And it was not just an ordinary "bye." It was a "people in Mexico heard her yell BYE." And she had to do it over and over and over again! And then if that wasn't enough, Mickie asked said they were going to pray before they ate and Mia folded her hands and closed her eyes - and then proceded to want to pray the rest of the meal. I guess she could be doing worse things.

Too bad I missed it.

"ByE!" BYe!" "bYE"

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