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That Thing She Does

It's every father's job to tell everyone how cute and adorable his daughter is and I am no different. As I think back to before she was born and we thought she was he I could have never imagined having a girl. Now I can't imagine what life would be like if she had been a boy. (does that make any sense?) Nevertheless, in the car tonight she was making a screeching noise. The noise was one that if a little louder could be quite annoying, or if it had kept on, but each time after the warble left her voice she would tell herself "no no" be quiet for a couple seconds, and repeat.

It was one of those time where you smile to yourself and force yourself not to look back. Thank goodness for rear view mirrors.

I hope to post some new video soon of our dancing queen. She's got a routine that gives Napolean Dynamite a run for his money.

You might have noticed that the sidebar on the right is getting a little fuller. I joined google's adsense program. More for the novalty I guess, but maybe I'll make a little money. It is a free program that pays me everytime someone clicks a sponsored link. So if you would like to help feed a hungry mouth...or put little Mia through college, go ahead and click. That's it just click.

I have even come up with a fun game for the ads. Google places ads relevant to the content on the site. So the challenge is to figure out what newsletter entry was the refference for that particualr ad. All right, it's not Frogger but it can still be fun.

And now for the thought of the day........"Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and the world laughs harder."

You've been great. I'm out.

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