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State Fair Day

Today, we had our second annual family excursion to America's Favorite Fair...or so they say. It was a tremendous opportunity to eat just about anything on a stick, mow down a deep fried candy bar, see hundreds of live cows, and get ridiculed by a clown in a dunk tank. Wow.

It was pretty hot, but unlike in CO I decided to wear sunscreen. I think Mia really liked the animals. While we were looking at the pigs a cow mooed really loud and Mia stopped dead in her tracks, whipped around and got a huge grin on her face. I laughed out loud. She also got to pet a horse, goat, and kissed a llama.

By far the best thing about the state fair is the food. While I did not get my deep fried donuts this year, I did get a chocolate covered nut roll. I am still buzzing.

We didn't make it into the midway but I am sure if we go next year Mia will want to go.

Interesting side note: USA Today ranked the Iowa State Fair as the number 2 attraction in America that you have to visit, right behind Las Vegas. Now, I'm not sure what their critera was, but we do have a pretty cool butter cow, and you really can eat almost anything on a stick. So make plans next year to come and experience America's Favorite Fair...

You can see more of our fair pictures on Flickr.

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