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Something New

The last couple of days have been marked by things that are new. Awhile ago Mickie's bathroom mirror fell off of the wall. Fell off? Yup. And in the

process a big piece was broken off of the corner. This gave her the inspiration to redo the bathroom. She wanted to paint add a new light fixture, some other accessories and of course a new mirror.

The bathroom stayed the way it was for a few weeks until we saw a sale on mirrors at Menards I picked one up and then it sat in our bedroom for another couple of weeks. On Sunday Mickie got the ball rolling and started painting. I jumped in and we finished the whole thing last night.

The other new thing and really big deal at our house is Mia's swing set. On one of the trips to Menards we found a small swing set with a slide that was discontinued...and you will never see a happier girl.One last item. I placed a subscription field on the right side. If you would like to be emailed whenever the newsletter is updated and don't want to bother with RSS (although RSS is very cool...) enter your email and click subscribe.
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