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The Coveted iPod

Earlier this year I entered a t-shirt design contest on The winning design would win a 40 gb iPod Photo. So I entered. I entered about 20 different designs pretty early in the competition and had to sit back and wait as entry after entry came in. I would check the post fairly often to see how the competition was stacking up. Every once in a while an entry would come that would worry me a little. In early July the contest was closed and the members of the forum were asked to nominate entries for voting. I had four designs nominated. (the most of anyone) Now all of the members would vote for their favorite design. The voting started off slowly for my designs but I was consistantly in the top 5. Near the last day of voting one of my designs picked up steam and chugged into second place. And that was how the voting ended.

A few days later administrators on the forum posted an announcement that the 1st place vote getter had cheated and was losing nearly half of his votes - which vaulted me into first place.

I hadn't won yet. The top five designs were sent to the Sitepoint administrators for the final desicion. At this point I really didn't know what would happen but I felt I had as good a shot as the other four.

We were in Winter Park on vacation when I checked my email and found out that my design had been declared the winner! Oh the joy, oh the joy! ipod! ipod! ipod! Whooohooo!

Okay, after I collected myself I informed my family of my accomplishment. They all said cool, good job and then went back to whatever they were doing. Hey! Shouldn't there be a parade or something? Come on - I just won an iPod!!

It took awhile for me to realize that not everyone considers this a world changing event but for those of you out there with iPods let me feel the love.