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Choose Your Own Adventure

In the spirit of complete and utter plagiarism or possible flattery, this update of the newsletter is courtesy of Jeff Long. He introduced me to a fun new game I like to call "those wacky options." Here is how you play. I will type a sentence and then leave several descriptive words for you to choose. Based on however you are feeling at the moment pick the word that fits best. Here is a sample. I am feeling:[good, okay, bad, like I am in a human 'whack a mole' game] Okay, which did you choose? That's not so hard is it? Here we go for real.

Tonight we went to [Chilis, Applebees, Culvers] for dinner. It was really [tasty, bland, nasty]. Mickie and I split the Cajun Chicken Pasta. I wished that we could have had more bread. After that we went to the Marble Slab Creamery which my mom likes to call the "Flab Slab" and had [ice cream, sour cream, a giant butter cow]. It was definitely tasty.

Mia has been [jabbering, walking, sleeping, performing complex mathematical calculations] a lot lately. She is growing up so [fast, slow]. She has started to move her arms and legs when she is [on her stomach, in her swing, close to dad's face] and is beginning to start the process of crawling. We need to baby proof our house still. This was very evident when we had some friends over last [night, week, month] and their little [girl, monster, adorable munchkin] tore the place up.

I can't believe I actually did this but last week I drank several diet cokes and [liked it, gagged, tolerated it because there was nothing else to drink, almost died]. Thankfully Nancy bought a fresh 24 pack of regular coke, one of which I am [drinking, cooking with, cleaning rust with]

It was a lot of [fun, pain, boredom] to have both mom's and sisters here the past couple of [days, weeks, months, years]. They really [helped out, got in the way, slept in].

I saw the movie The Village last week and unlike most people I actually [liked it, want my money back, slept through it, cried because I was so scared]. All I have to say is "beware of the bad color for it attracts those we don't speak of." Unfortunately, it hasn't been attracting much in the color of green.

Well, it is time to end this [charade, irritating update, fun game] and get on with [life, napping, counting down the days till football starts]. Hope everyone [enjoyed, was mildly amused, hated] this! If anything you get to be a part of our lives for a few paragraphs. This is interactive internet at its finest moment.

I'm [out, here, out, here, out, over there...]