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The Crazy

Well, I guess it's about time to update this section of our website. With Mia's birth and all things have been a bit crazy. Obviously she was born and she has been awesome! She is such a good baby...even though she is screaming as I write this. But that is the exception rather than the rule. So much has gone on so I will just summarize a few of the things that have happened in the past couple months.

  • Baby was born
  • School ended
  • Was laid off from job
  • Looked for a new job
  • Helped out a lot around the house
  • Helped out more because I still don't have a job
  • Checked for the millionth time...a lot of nothing.
  • Changed diaper for the millionth time...a lot of something...
  • Got my motorcycle fixed
  • Took about 50,000 pictures of Mia
  • Contemplated a low-carb diet
  • Decided that I liked potato chips too much
  • And bread
  • PB&J just aint the same on a spoon
  • Got a new driver (golf club)
  • Found out my slice goes even farther
  • Got my old job back. Whohoo!!!
  • Went on vacation with Mickie's family to Branson
  • Contemplated going into the sign business after reading about 1000 in a 3 mile stretch on the way to Branson
  • Decided I didn't want to see "Country Jubilee" but the "Baldknobbers" didn't look too bad
  • Went golfing with Denny
  • The day when golf finally pays you back.

  • Saw him get a hole in one
  • Went to Olive Garden
  • Stared for about on hour at the beeper light thingy they give you waiting for it to light up
  • It still hasn't lit up...
  • Got home and wrote two papers that were due that day
  • Decided I wouldn't procrastinate anymore
  • Decided to put off my procrastinating vow
  • Updated web site

Well, that should about bring us up to date. Hope everyone likes the new address. If you don't just go to the old one it's still there. War Nuggets, football season starting, and homemade chocolate chip cookies.

I'm Out.