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No Baby, Yet...

Well here it is. Almost May and no baby yet. We thought it might happen last Saturday, but it wasn't ready to come. We are ready how ever... Everything is still okay as far as we know. It is interesting how emotionally attached you become to a person you don't really even know. I already love "it" (I hate calling it that..but we want to keep the surprise) so much. I know that most of you can totally relate and this is nothing knew but it's pretty cool. It is also interesting how emotional I have become about other babies and newborns. My Greek professor has a sister who recently had a baby that they thought would die and now his brother's wife just found out that their baby is dying. I am not normally an emotional person but the thought of losing a child like that brings tears to my eyes even as I type. I praise the Lord for working in my life and giving me more compassion.

I am ashamed that I don't pray more for this is my own family. We can always be confident that God is in control however and his will is perfect. The Psalmist said that "my times are in his hands." What an incredible and personal thought.

My first car bit the dust last weekend. I loaned it to Caleb for the weekend and as he was driving it to Southern Iowa it blew a head gasket about 40 miles outside of Des Moines. The repairs were estimated between $1200-$1500. Needless to say I am not going to get it fixed. Caleb did however put me in contact with a guy who wanted to buy it. When the potential buyer showed up he wondered where the truck was. (I was standing right next to it) Come to find out Caleb told him it was a Chevy 1500 (It is really a small Toyota pickup) However he had driven 3 hours and was not going to go home empty handed. We had originally agreed on $250 and settled for $175. I was a bit sad but I will get over it soon. He was a good friend-a little rusty around the edges but reliable none the less. He will be missed.


Since we lost the truck we have been searching for a new car. We need something will more room, low miles and a good price... We are looking at Bonneville's and Impala's. We have test driven a few but haven't found anything that works. We almost bought one yesterday but thankfully our heads took over our hearts and we didn't buy it.

We got a new digital camera in lieu of the baby coming so I thought I would try it out. It has a neat video feature, so I thought I would take a tour of our house. Click this link for the tour. (you will need realplayer) and the video is sideways... I will update it soon.

School is almost done. We have finals next week. I need to do a lot of studying on Greek and Hebrew between now and then.

Well, I need to go pick up Mickie from work. Hope the Nuggets win tonight. Good to get emails from a lot of you. Dan and Lilian, we are praying for you.