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Newsletter Update

BERTUZZIS PUNCHWell, here it is the middle of Spring Break and I haven't really done anything productive except go to work today. I was lucky enough to catch the avalanche game last night on the internet and hear the shellacking (is that even a word?) they put on the Canucks. Too bad that goons like Bertuzzi exist. I hope that he is suspended for a long long time. On a related note, girl scout cookies came today. 5 boxes of pure enjoyment.

Not like I need them. I wonder if the girl scouts make an Atkins friendly cookie? Everything else in the world is Atkins friendly-even this website is Atkins friendly-no carbs here...

I bought a range extender the other day for our home network. This will allow us to take the laptop anywhere in the house and be able to connect to the internet. We will even be able to be in the backyard and surf. No more gettin up and walkin to the computer...

I still haven't seen The Passion yet. We are probably going to go on Friday. I can't say that I am really excited but I am anticipating it in a weird way.

I landed a new contract with a church in Battle Creek MI to build their website and the GARBC is thinking about placing my link on their resources section. That would certainly help business. My desire would be to do this full time in the fall. Pray that the Lord might work in that direction.

If you ever get a chance log on to, do it. This is an incredible site that is having an incredible ministry. I spend most of my time on the teen forum answering questions. They can always use help, so feel free to log on and minister to hundreds of teens around the world!

I am tired so I think that I will go to bed now.