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Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos is the title for a new sermon series at Soteria Des Moines. The series is focusing on the family and how God uses the the inherent dysfunction to be designed for his glory. Some of the key words we used when describing the series were joy and frustration and I went through so many ideas trying to depict both in a single image. I tried abstract images. I riffed a lot on the idea of the stick family sticker on the back of the minivan. 

Finally, it hit me. What brings more joy and frustration then the family road trip? While you're in it, it seems so terrible at times, but looking back it was a time of growing closer together and making memories. 

Obviously the car depicted in the design is the famous “Truckster” from National Lampoons Vacation. I’ve added a dysfunctional stick figure family and our church logo on the back windshield. The mountains have several intended meanings. For those of us who live in the midwest, the mountains seem like the gateway to vacation. Whether you’re stopping in Colorado or continuing to California, the mountains are the first sign that you’re actually in someplace different. (I also grew up in Colorado so I try to pay homage to my native state any chance I can :)

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